TwitterFone: Send Messages to Twitter with Voice

TwitterFone: Send Messages to Twitter with Voice

Well so far so bad, signed-up and it sent an access number. Dial the access number and "Sorry the service is unavailable at the moment". Not a good start.

Dialing in to Tweet seems somewhat a long winded way of doing things, but if it all starts working more comments to follow.


Ofcom publishes list number misusers

Ofcom has published a list of companies and/or individuals who they have determined that have misused telephone numbers.

The list currently contains the following entries: -

28/01/09 Company Jack Barnard Telecom Services
no 05445012 Limited
28/01/09 Individual Jack Barnard
28/01/09 Company Telconline Inc
28/01/09 Company Stealthnet Limited
no. 04515234

Ofcom will not allocated numbers in the range 070, 087 (except 0870) and 09 Premium rate numbers. All telecoms providers are advised to check the list periodically and not supply telecoms services on those number ranges to those companies.