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A new site started by some Skype guys. Aims to foster entrepeneurs, investors etc.

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So if you've got an idea head over there.


TomTom 910

The new TomTom GO series look better than the old. The software has also been upgraded and is a definate improvement, especially with the TomTom HOME Windows software which automagically manages updates of both the GO's software and content (i.e. safety camera database).

The navigation software has been improved, and if it knows the speed of the road warns you when you're breaking the speed limit and flashes when you're very over it.

The 910 has complete maps of Europe and the US and can do all sorts of music and picture bits and works with an iPod.

The major criticism is that accessories you might have for an older version, don't work with the new one.

GPS or GNSS signal repeaters

Ofcom has today released a statement on the use of GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) or other RNSS (Radionavigation Satellite system) repeaters.

Though there is a specification for this type of equipment (Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Regulations 2000 SI 730), users still need a license to utilise such equipment in the UK.

Ofcom have the ability to prosecute users under the Wireless Telegraphy Act 1949 as broadcasting without a license is potentially an offence under the Act.

Whether they do prosecute is another matter, however they can prosecute importers of equipment as knowingly selling such equipment which can only be used illegally can also be an offence.


El Reg article

I got my first article published by The Register, it's why WiMAX won't fly in the UK.