Computer Weekly Blog Awards

Seems that Euro Tech News has been short listed in the Wireless/Mobile category at Blog Awards.

Unfortunately I'm not really around in the next week, but do vote for me if you can.




iTunes / Audible

It's holiday time so it was time to buy an audio book (both for being lazy and traveling around a lot, so reading a real book wont always be possible).

The book was part of a trilogy, so go to iTunes and they have it. Look at the comments and there are several in the vain of "Go to Audible, it's much cheaper".

So off to Audible and lo and behold the trilogy is there for the same price as one book on iTunes.

This is iTunes and Audible in the UK, but that's a huge difference (about 3 times the price on iTunes).

Download from Audible and it all pops into the right locations in iTunes anyway (on a Mac anyway).

Apple are going to have to start pricing things sensibly!!!!