Mobile Phones for the Senior Market

The Mobile Phones for the Senior Market Conference is on October 26th at the Royal Institution of British Architects. Tickets cost £350.

The conference is all about phones for older people. Many of the current phones on the market are just too fiddly for older users and they don't want any of the features that modern phones come with.

There's a large (currently) untapped market and this conference will show how and why mobile phone companies should be addressing the older generation.

If you want to attend please enter "eurotechnews" as a discount code and you'll get a discount.

Adobe CS5 support for iPhone

It seems Adobe's CS5 will support developing Flash programs using Actionscript for iPhone.

Though Apple are still refusing to allow the Flash player to run on the iPhone allowing Flash programs to be downloaded from the web, the CS5 version seems to combine the Flash player and the program into a standalone executable so it operates as a program suitable for use on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The system will also allow existing Flash programs to be packaged into an executable.

Adobe are releasing beta versions of CS5 shortly.

RIM to Flash soon

RIM has joined Adobe's Open Screen Project (along with Google and 50 others) and have announced they are jointly developing Flash for the Blackberry phones.

This is in-line with Adobe's push to get Flash player 10.1 onto most smart phones by the end of the year.

Apple is notably absent from the list and there are no (public) plans for Flash on the iPhone.