Ofcom puts TV companies on notice

The following companies have been put on notice for non payment of broadcast license fees: -

LicenseeLicence NumberService Name
A&A Inform LimitedTLCS/680Russian Hour
ARY Digital UK LimitedTLCS/290Ary Digital
ARY Digital UK LimitedTLCS/924QTV - Islamic Education Channel
ARY Digital UK LimitedTLCS/925ARY News
Canis 103 LimitedTLCS/1109FOBO Movies
General Entertainment & Music LimitedTLCS/1326GEM TV
Middlesex Broadcasting CorporationRTSL/034Leicester TV Limited
Passion Broadcasting TelevisionTLCS/885Passion TV Limited
Praise Channel Broadcasting NetworkTLCS/692Praise Channel Limited
Prime Plus LimitedTLCS/793PTV Prime Plus

Ofcom makes a large percentage of its revenue from broadcast licenses and failure to pay those fees are considered to be a serious breach of license conditions - which can mean the license can be revoked.