Chop a SIM and fit in an iPad

The new iPad2 (or any old iPad or iPhone) requires what's known as a micro SIM or uSIM. These have the same electrical connections as a normal SIM but are slightly smaller.

There's a problem in ordering uSIMs as the mobile network operators (MNOs) know that it's going to be stuck into an Apple device and therefore they'll want to stick you on a nice long (and expensive) iPhone or iPad contract. It is possible to get a normal SIM on a much more suitable (i.e. cheaper) contract, but the SIM wont fit in the iPad.

When the uSIM first appeared there were lots of "hacks" around which showed how to get a knife and physically cut the SIM into uSIM form (including the now famous John Benson "Meat cleaver" blog) and then a plethora of cutting devices appeared which allows a SIM to be inserted, pressure applied and out pops a uSIM.

This seemed a bit drastic, but there's several companies who offer free SIMs and once snuggly inserted in the SIM cutter, chop and a uSIM pops out. When placed in the iPad it nicely seemed to work too.

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