BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Five trial terrestrial HD

Broadcasting from London's Crystal Palace transmitter on a test license low power transmission, 450 trialists are to receive HD transmissions.

The BBC and ITV content is identical to that already offered on cable and satellite, while Channel 4 will offer episodes of Lost and Film 4 content.

The set top boxes are being provided by Humax and Advanced Digital Broadcast (ADB). Transmissions will use MPEG4 video coding, 8K carriers and 64QAM modulation at launch, though other parameters may be tested during the trial.

If all goes well, the trial may be extended to others areas and could lead the way to full HD terrestrial Freeview etc.

Epson develops high resolution e-paper

Seiko Epson have developed a high resolution electronic paper device that has a 7.1-inch screen (approximately the same size as an A6 piece of paper 105-x-148mm) which has a resolution of 1,536-x-2,048 pixels.

It uses technology from E-Ink, and uses flexible chips from Seiko Epson. This means the e-paper can be rolled and is quite thin so can replace paper for things like newspapers, but with content that updates, and even video.

Only a prototype has been announced, and no dates for real products.