'Online Photoshop' details emerge News - PC Advisor

'Online Photoshop' details emerge News - PC Advisor: "'Online Photoshop' "

Adobe is planning an on-line version of Photoshop, though it's aimed at consumers not professionals.

They've also announced their Remix service for video users.


Sony debuts video Walkman

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Sony has announced a Walkman that can play video. It comes in 2, 4 and 8GB versions.

It supports ATRAC and MP3, though battery life is better with ATRAC and it comes with software to convert various formats into ATRAC.

Videowise it supports MPEG4 (H.264/AVC) and has a QVGA 240 pixels by 320 pixels display.

The 2GB version costs around £120, the 4GB £155 and 8GB £200.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 to launch March 27

Adobe has said it will release Creative Suite v3 on the 27th of March, however no details have been given about what will be in CS3.

They've been running a web video (available on YouTube) called "What's in the Box" for a while.

Currently standard Adobe CS2 contains Photoshop CS2, Illustrator CS2, InDesign CS2, Version Cue CS2 and Bridge and the Premium version adds adds Acrobat 8, GoLive CS2 and Dreamweaver 8.

Availability of Numbering Resource | Ofcom

Availability of Numbering Resource | Ofcom

Ofcom are holding a consultation on reducing the number block allocations on certain exchanges were numbers are running out.

Ofcom normally allocate blocks of 10,000 numbers. Ofcom are proposing to reduce this to allocations of 1,000 numbers where numbers are becoming scarce.

This affects 59 new geographics codes (as well as the 79 existing conservation areas). There are also another 32 that, though are not at risk at present will be in the future.

Ofcom are proposing 2 options: -

Option 1: take conservation measures now on all 91 geographic area codes

Option 2: take conservation measures now on the 59 geographic area codes with the
additional 32 geographic area codes to be given conservation status in January 2008.

The consultation ends of 5th April 2007.

BT Public Call Boxes | Ofcom

BT Public Call Boxes | Ofcom

BT have to provide call boxes under their Universal Service Obligations, this is something they'd rather not do.

Some call boxes are situated in remote regions and BT wish to trial varying pricing depending on the location of the phone box itself.

BT will have to publish what they are going to do in the trial and proposed tarrifs.

Ofcom wish to allow BT to trial this but are holding a consultation on the matter.

Proposal to make the Radio Frequency Identification Equipment (Exemption) (Amendment) Regulations 2007 | Ofcom

Proposal to make the Radio Frequency Identification Equipment (Exemption) (Amendment) Regulations 2007 | Ofcom

Ofcom is holding a consultation with regards the 865-868 MHz band which is used for RFID systems. Ofcom have previously made this band license exempt and CEPT (EU ITU) wants member states to make this permanent, which requires a law change.

Ofcom as part as CEPT (and under EU harmonisation rules) is proposing to make this happen.


PNY launches Quadro FX 4600 for 3D pros

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PNY had released the Quadro FX4600 which is an upgraded version of the FX 4500. It has 128 parallel 1.35GHz cores and 768MB of RAM a core clock speed of 500MHz and memory speed of 600MHz and the memory interface is not 384-bit.

The chip supports Vista's DirectX 10 graphics system. It also supports CUDA, nVidia's computing platform (where the GPU can be used for computational tasks, that may not be graphics related).

Frame and gen-lock are available through a daughter card (the Quadro G-Sync board). There's also a version of the card supporting 12-bit HD SDI (the Quadro 6400SDI).

Hopefully Apple will adopt this chipset as their high-end offering for the MacPro which currently uses a Quadro 4500.

DVD download specification approved

The DVD Copy Control Association has had its protection scheme approved by the DVD Forum who met near Japan for downloadable content that can be burnt on to DVDs. It will require a new disk that's similar to a DVD-R disk which should work on most consumer DVD players.

Initially it's expected the technology will be used in controlled environments such as kiosks rather than on PC's, though if it works out it could be used on general PC systems.

3D virtual world Kaneva coming soon

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Kaneva is sort of like Second Life, but a social networking (think MySpace) version.

Currently you can sign-up, but there's no guarantee that you'll actually be invited to participate in the 3D World. However on sign-in'ing up you'll be inundated with "friend requests".

There's no real view of how they're going to make money, maybe advertising in the 3D world itself, whether it competes with traditional social networking sites only time will tell.