Netgear acquire Infrant

Infrant are a great little company based in the Bay Area of California. They make network attached servers, supporting Windows, Macs and Linux.

They've just been acquired by Netgear and it looks like some of the Infrant people will be looking after the storage side of the Netgear business.

Hopefully this should be a great match as Netgear's storage products haven't been that great, but they do make interesting things like their media streaming boxes - which will be a great marriage. Infrant gets the worldwide distribution it's badly needed.

Apple fixes QuickTime hole after hack

Digital Arts

Apple has released a new version of Quicktime following a competition trying to "break into" a Mac without any apps running, when that failed through the browser.

The "hack" allows a malicious website to publish a java applet that can trigger the exploit in Quicktime.

The Quicktime update is available for both Windows and MacOS X, on Windows it can be obtained standalone or with iTunes. On MacOS it's available via the software update utility.

Availability of Numbering Resource | Ofcom

Availability of Numbering Resource | Ofcom

Ofcom held a consultation with respect to the UK numbering plan and conserving numbers.

91 geographic codes are now under conservation status and allocations will occur in blocks of 1000 instead of the older 10,000 number block allocations. This should ensure that these number ranges do not run out.

0872 and 0873 will be introduced to supplement 0871 and 0843 will supplement 0844 which are used in NTS (number translation services).


Microsoft to open source part of Silverlight

Digit Online

Microsoft is expected to opensource at least parts of Silverlight, their in-browser media rich player which they hope will compete with Adobe's Flash.

Flash has several years head start and a plethera of programmers who can produce Flash output and though Microsoft's Expression tools will support Silverlight, they haven't been released yet (expected in June).

This could well be a Flash in the pan for Microsoft as Adobe are continually adding features to Flash and are unlikely to let Microsoft get a foothold.


Ofcom completes investigation into BSkyB’s shareholding in ITV plc | Ofcom

Ofcom completes investigation into BSkyB’s shareholding in ITV plc | Ofcom

Ofcom has completed it's investigation into Sky's purchase of 17.9% of ITV plc and has warranted that there are public interest issues (in relation to sufficient plurality of news provision for both cross media and television news in the UK).

This has now been passed back to the Secretary of State who will now consider whether to take it to the Competition Commission. That decision will be announced by 26 May 2007.

Sky are doing their best thwarte Virgin Media, who were trying to buy ITV. Soon after Sky also pulled their basic channels from Virgin too.