Plessey acquires UK LED lighting company

Plessey, based out of Plymouth (England) has purchased CamGan Ltd, a company spun out of Cambridge University.

CamGan have produced an LED (light emitting diode) that is produced by depositing gallium nitride on a silicon wafer and this can be done on Plessey's 6" wafer fabrication facility. This should reduce the cost of producing LED by 80% compared to traditional silicon carbide or sapphire substrates.

The CamGaN LEDs produce peak luminance at 460nm (blue) but can also operate in the green and cyan parts of the spectrum. Producing high powers in the blue region means they can work with phosphors that will emit white light and will offer 150 lumens per watt by the ned of 2012.

Plessey will also combine the LED systems with their EPIC chips (which detect electrical potentials in the air) so that automation systems can be implemented.