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Barnes and Noble introduce eReader

Barnes and Noble have introduced an eReader based on Android (Google's mobile OS). It incorporates 3G and WiFi and has 2GB of memory and can take up to 16GB microSD cards.

The eReader known as the Nook can also "lend" books to other B&N eReaders for up to 14 days at a time.

It retails for $259 and is potentially a Kindle (from Amazon) killer.

Apple updates products

Yesterday Apple updated various products.

New iMacs (20.1" and 27") come with up to 3.06GHz dual core CPUs and in November a quad core will be introduced.

The Mac Mini has now has a faster CPU, better graphics more memory and only consumes 14W. There's also a special version with Snow Leopard server with two internal disks.

The Macbook now is much more like the Macbook Pro (13") but has a unibody made of ABS plastic rather than aluminium which makes it cheaper too.

Still no news of the 10" Tablet (though a drunk Apple employee via a Twitter user stated "it's not what you'd call a tablet), though if it does come out soon it's likely Apple will wait for CES and announce it there and blow everyone else's press releases away.

New low power Bluetooth standard

A new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard is due soon,it was initially based on the Wibree system developed by Nokia.

BLE wil allow devices using the new specification to operate for potentially years off standard coin batteries. This will allow BLE chips to be incorporated into many everyday devices, though handset manufacturers will be early adopters, though initially they'll use dual-mode system (i.e. standard Bluetooth and BLE).

Chips vendors such as TI and CSR and Broadcom have adopted BLE and well on their way to producing silicon so devices may be available in 2010.

As BLE uses such low power it could change the way people think about device communication as it could be incorporated into a multitude of household components.


Android turns 1 and increases market share

Oct 21st 2009 is the anniversary of the launch of Android and Admob have released some stats.

Android now accounts for 7% global market share while in the UK 10% of all smartphones sold are Android based and the HTC Dream is the 2nd most popular phone for browsing after the iPhone.

Android is going to be become much more prevalent as more handsets are released (from companies such as Samsung, Motorola and even SonyEricsson).