Google cuts services and fires 100

Google has culled some services it doesn't feel are core to it's operation these include Dodgeball (the mobile social media company), Jaiku (though it will remain in service and ported over to Google's app engine and then released under an Apache open source license), Google Notebook wont be accepting new users, Google Catalog search and Mashup Editor are being closed and Google Video wont accept any new content (push to YouTube).

100 staff are also being got rid of (mainly in recruitment).

It's surprising Google os closing Dodgeball which it acquired in 2005, it had the promise of competing with social media sites like Facebook, but was never developed and the directors left a while ago stating they didn't like the direction Google was taking it. That direction seems to be nowhere.

Google is concentrating on it's search and mobile applications.


Steve Jobs steps down as CEO

It's only temporary (currently until the end of June) while he sorts out his health problems - that's what Mr Jobs stated in a memo to Apple employees.

Analysts are saying the departure may be longer.

Most companies wouldn't really care if the CEO departed (or had a break), but Jobs is seen as the thing that makes Apple what it is and it cant work without him. Jobs does take an active interest in what goes on in Apple, but as any company it can go on without him.

Most of what Apple is regarded for is based on the design of the products and that's mainly down to Jonathon Ives who is their Product Design guru (and of course a Brit).

It's sad that Jobs is ill, but it shouldn't affect how Apple works - hopefully shareholders will take that view too.

Nortel files for bankruptcy

Nortel has filed for Chapter 11 and 15 bankruptcy protection in Delaware. It has also filed for protection in Canada and it's assumed European and other areas will also file for protection.

Nortel was one of the telco giants and it's unlikely it will disappear as so many telcos (both old school and new wave) depend on Nortel for core network equipment such as telephony exchanges etc.

Even if they do go under, they'll emerge under the wing of someone like Alcatel-Lucent or another huge operator.

Nortel have been struggling for a while and the credit crunch is the last straw that broke the camel's back.


Google releases Picasa for Mac

There's two Mac versions Picasa for Mac which is the full application which allows basic editing and touch-up features for images.

Picasa web albums upload is a small utility that allows iPhoto galleries or photos that the user selects to be uploaded to Picasa on-line.

Though most Mac users will be used to iPhoto, Windows users who've migrated to a Mac and are used to using Picasa will welcome the new addition, it's pretty similar to the Windows version.

Google are starting to produce Mac software, but they're still lagging compared to what's available for Windows.