News @ Cisco: Cisco Systems to Acquire Sipura Technology

News @ Cisco: Cisco Systems to Acquire Sipura Technology

2nd time around for the Sipura founders. It seems that originally the Cisco ATA-186 was made by a small company and they were bought out by Cisco. The founders then left and set-up Sipura (and couldn't do various things for a few years - so they bided their time and designed).

Now Cisco has acquired Sipura (via it's Linksys division) for $68M in cash and shares, so how long before the founders leave again and do the whole start-up thing and then sell to Cisco again ... seems a good business model.

Sipura make some good VoIP kit, let's hope that Cisco/Linksys continue to offer decent product set as Sipura join the fold.

D-Link United Kingdom

D-Link United Kingdom

Well I installed the DSL-G604T as my ADSL router, it was pretty painless as I had all the right values to plug in from my exisiting set-up (a Cisco 1700). The D-Link appears faster, though I have no empirical evidence to support it. It's also got a 4 port Ethernet switch and Wireless AP built-in which saves on floor space (or desktop space).

Everything seems to work well, apart from filtering rules, it may be that D-Link have got the inbound and outbound filters thr wrong way around, but they're looking at that.

Another oddity, it seems the 902 (with a Cardbus PC-Card WLAN adapter) and the 904 (USB WLAN adapter) bundles are considerably cheaper (around £60 in the UK) than buying the DSL-G604T by itself ...

If you're relatively competent at using a web based interface and understand the very basics of DSL/routing/IP it's an easy system to configure and works pretty well.

Things it does lack are QoS, firewall rules/filters are confusing, no syslog/SNMP support etc. but at least some of these are expected in the next firmware version - which isn't quite ready for prime time I believe (but should be coming out soon). All in all a worthwhile bit of kit, especially in the bundle.


One.Tel hoovers up RedNet for �5m | The Register

One.Tel hoovers up RedNet for �5m | The Register

Centrica are on an acquisition spree, it's likely there will be more to follow.

Centrica were looking at getting out of the voice business, but it looks like they've decided trying to sell it wouldn't work in the current climate, so put money into One.tel instead.

Rumours are they have between £200m - £300m to spend on building up the business.

They will need to diversify as voice revenues will continue to decline as the UK moves to flat rate UK dial-plans with pressure from CPS (carrier pre select) and VoIP suppliers. It's likely BT will also consider flat-rate telephony once they introduce their 21CN network, as moving a packet between exchanges doesn't really alter costs depending on their distance (it's probably too hard to bill too, and they'll just include UK voice with the line rental).

Unfortunately the telco business is not a good business to be in now (or won't be shortly) so telcos who just rely on voice minutes aren't going to be in business for too long and need to diversify and offer other services that can generate revenue.