BT doesn't want broadband universal service obligations

BT is making noises about Universal Service Obligations for broadband, it's saying their not needed as broadband is available to most of the population.

It may be a case of smoke and mirrors as when they actually launch their 21CN it's all IP based, meaning IP to the home - which requires broadband (or some kind of IP connectivity). They'll need a wireless solution if they have to provide IP everywhere in the UK (rural areas wont work with DSL - well they will but slowly and Ofcom are likely to define reasonably high speed).

BT actually want to be able to provide high speed access as then they can provide VoIP and Video services (BT Vision) and to guarantee any kind of Quality of Service (QoS) BT want others to use their systems to deliver the content and so pay for the delivery channel (like Sky in the satellite world).

It's likely they want to provide it to customers who are profitable, rather than being forced to provide it to all and sundry even if they never spend a penny on the value add services BT will be pushing.

Apple predictions for MacWorld 2007

Apple are very secret about future products, however some things are known.

* There's the iTV (codeword, not product name) system - which looks like an embedded iTunes player with various media interfaces.

* There's going to be some kind of phone/music player. I'd guess it'll be announced at MacWorld.

* Leopard, though not likely to be available until later in the year.

Then there's guessing.

* MacPro with Intel Quad cores making them extremely fast machines (as if they weren't already), also for the Xserve.

* Maybe (really hopefully) a 12 or 13" MacBook Pro. The only thing that lets down a MacBook is the graphics. It would be really useful to have a 12" MacBook for portability, but with the graphics power of the Pros.

* Video iPod with a touch screen, again maybe later in the year.

Only time will tell.

Plastic Logic to build plastic displays

Digit Online

Platic Logic a company based in Cambridge is opening a factory in Dresden to produce flxible displays. These are similar to current TFT displays where the electronics (silicon)are deposited on to glass, but use semiconductor polymers in layers deposited on to flexible plastic sheets.

Current resolution is 150 dots per inch with 16 shades of grey (a 800 x 600 prototype was demonstrated in October of 2006) which will be produced in 2008 when the factory is in production, however colour displays will follow by 2010 with video capability in 2012.

They have raised $100m in financing.

This may well pave the way to truely portable ebooks and other displays and open up the market for portable display systems that have so far been limited to PDAs etc.

LG to show dual HD DVD/Blu-ray player

Digit Online

LG will demonstrate a dual HD DVD/Blu-Ray player at CES. HD DVD has been adopted by the DVD Forum and most Blu-Ray backers are already members so adding HD DVD to their drives should be possible.

HD DVD stores about 15GB per disk, while Blu-Ray allows up to 25GB per layer (50GB per disk).

This may kick-start the HD revolution, though consoles may initially drive sales.


Sony A100

The Sony DSLR-A100 is a 10.2MP camera. It's pretty fully featured and includes a very nice steady-shot system and a dust-removal system (that "shakes" or vibrates the sensor rapidly so dust particles fall off).

It fits well in the hand, with good access to the various control functions and a nice bright LCD (however it doesn't work for framing shots, you need to use the viewfinder for that). The only bad feature is that it feels very plasticy, the only bit of metal seems to be the front of the camera where the lens attaches.

The shutter delay is minimal (and really fast compared to compact digital cameras).

So far it seems a very good point and shoot that allows complete fexibility and lots of pro features if required.



GMobileSync is a program to synchronise Windows Mobile 5 (Pocket PC and Smartphone) Calendar and Google Calendar using an Internet connection (which should work over WiFi, Wired or GPRS/3G).

Currently (v1.2) only supports a 1-way sync, but on Jan 8th v1.3 should be released which supports full 2-way synchronisation.

It's free and looks quite useful.

TalkCrunch » Blog Archive » Here Comes Adobe Apollo

TalkCrunch » Blog Archive » Here Comes Adobe Apollo

Sounds like a cool idea. Adobe already have the Flash base and can now expand on this to support other technologies like HTML, JavaScript and Ajax allowing a non-platform specific runtime that is platform independent.

If it takes off, buy Adobe shares as they'll be the default development platform of choice as they are now with Flash.

dodgeball.com :: mobile social software

dodgeball.com :: mobile social software

Only available in the US, if and when Google (who now own it) get their act together and make it worldwide then there's a good chance it will really take off.

Though possibly a huge market and room for other entrants in other countries if someone can get their act together quickly.