Gizmo5 sells out to Google

The rumours have been flying and it was thought that Gizmo5 would be the sensible acquisition for the new Skype as a basis for replacing the P2P technology that was reliant on JoltID (and why JoltID was suing Ebay).

Events have now significantly changed the market, JoltID has come to an agreement with Skype/Ebay where-upon their P2P technology will be owned outright and Gizmo5 has been purchased by Google.

Gizmo5 was started by Michael Robertson and has around 6m users while using non proprietary SIP VoIP protocols. It is expected that Google will integrate Gizmo5 into their GoogleTalk product line (and maybe Google Voice).

JoltID settles with Skype

Rather than spend millions on court cases it seems JoltID have made an agreement with Skype whereby Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis will join the investment group that purchased Skype from Ebay and they'll get a 14% stake, Skype will gain control of the P2P technology that was previously licensed (or not as the case may have been).

Though the P2P technology is now owned by Skype itself, there may still be major changes brewing with the technology (see previous article.

HTC Touch HD2 is MiFi device

HTC's Touch HD2 will include a native WiFi router. This means the Windows Mobile 6.5 device can act as a MiFi system (i.e. personal WiFi hotspot) using 3G as the transport.

It is expected the HD2 will be released in 2010 and will support HSPA (7.2Mb/s).

Though there are many MiFi units already on sale (the Novatel unit seems to be common) this will mean the HD2 phone can be used without having to purchase a separate MiFi unit which will please people who don't want to carry to much around with them.