D-Link United Kingdom

D-Link United Kingdom

Well I installed the DSL-G604T as my ADSL router, it was pretty painless as I had all the right values to plug in from my exisiting set-up (a Cisco 1700). The D-Link appears faster, though I have no empirical evidence to support it. It's also got a 4 port Ethernet switch and Wireless AP built-in which saves on floor space (or desktop space).

Everything seems to work well, apart from filtering rules, it may be that D-Link have got the inbound and outbound filters thr wrong way around, but they're looking at that.

Another oddity, it seems the 902 (with a Cardbus PC-Card WLAN adapter) and the 904 (USB WLAN adapter) bundles are considerably cheaper (around £60 in the UK) than buying the DSL-G604T by itself ...

If you're relatively competent at using a web based interface and understand the very basics of DSL/routing/IP it's an easy system to configure and works pretty well.

Things it does lack are QoS, firewall rules/filters are confusing, no syslog/SNMP support etc. but at least some of these are expected in the next firmware version - which isn't quite ready for prime time I believe (but should be coming out soon). All in all a worthwhile bit of kit, especially in the bundle.
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