PSP - in English at last

Nuplayer import various game consoles including the PSP.

It seems they're shipping 500 per day, which is pretty amazing for an import item. It shows that Sony have made a mistake not launching over in the UK yet (expected UK launch is expected in July or August).

One of the reasons people are buying imports is that currently none of the games are region locked and Sony has said it doesn't plan to lock games. Of course it's extremely likely that videos will be released in UMD (like DVD) format and these will be region locked, but if you purchase a Japanese unit luckily the UK and Japan are in Region 2 so they should play.

I got a game (US import) and it just worked, all the menus are in English even though the PSP itself is Japanese. It's a shame that Japanese games don't take the User Interface language into account and therefore display game options etc in English too. That's surely an oversight on the design - it would seem sensible to have made all settings/options etc utilise the PSP language settings, but then maybe that was deliberate by Sony to stop people importing games from Japan (which seems silly since the games aren't region locked in the first place).

I haven't yet tried network play, but I guess it will just work. All Sony need to do is realease a software update to add Internet utilities into the mix, media streaming, and it will be the perfect handheld device.

If you're interested in getting an import, get a Japanese unit Play Asia sell them, I don't know if Nuplayer sell US or Japanese versions. It's rumoured the Japanese version has a better LCD screen manufactured by Sharp, while US (and UK) models have a display made by Samsung which isn't as bright or sharp (sic).
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