The WIreless LAN Event

The show seemed smaller than last year, and there was definately less of the hype (well apart from a lot of WiMAX buzz, but that's to be expected - Intel had a large stand).

It's definately a business show geared up for the b2b market. The traditional players were there offering WiFi kit, as well as Wireless operators etc.

Netgear were pushing their new MIMO 802.11g router (with annoying blue LEDs showing which antenna was in use), but the technology does look clever (6 antennas which are switched between) allowing full 54Mb/s over the air connectivity.

D-Link also had MIMO kit, but not actually for sale yet.

Intel were there of course pushing WiMAX, which may more may not be the next big thing - in the UK at least.

Mapesbury Communications had a small stand, they provide the hotpsot network for T-Mobile at Texaco service stations and elsewhere, but they've also got some interesting VoIP/Wireless solutions and can build out Wireless networks using some new technology.

CSR were showing VoIP over WiFi radio systems (they make chipsets).

T-Mobile had a big stand and were showing their T-Zones and also some nice PDA's (MDAIII).

Will next year's show dwindle or will it just become a WiMAX show?

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