Digit LIVE news - Panasonic adds dual-layer to Blu-ray

Digit LIVE news - Panasonic adds dual-layer to Blu-ray:

Panasonic Disc Manufacturing of America has added the ability to produce dual-layer Blu-ray Discs to a test production line the company is operating at its factory in California, Panasonic said this week.

Single layer BluRay disks have a capacity of 25GB and dual disks will store 50GB, current dual layer DVD's store 8.5GB.

Unfortunately the format wars are still in full swing with no winner yet, BluRay or HD-DVD.

HD-DVD is based on the current DVD format but supports 15GB per layer. HD-DVD is currently winning on the "good yield" rating with good yields approaching 90% while BluRay only manages 80%.

Players based on these formats aren't expected until next year.
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