Intel calls for IEEE to drop UWB - Network IT Week

Intel calls for IEEE to drop UWB - Network IT Week

Intel is trying to get the IEEE (a US based International standards body) to adopt their UWM standard known as WiMedia rather than the current approach which uses Direct Sequence-UWB.

UWB is suited for short-range wire replacement services allowing for data rates in the order of 500Mb/s, it does this by splitting the data up and encoding it on a large range of frequencies. As the power of the transmissions is so low, other non-UWB equipment just hears it as background noise and if there is interference on various frequencies the UWB kit will just ignore it as it can just re-constitute the data from other frequencies.

There has already been arguments in the UWB group with the Multi-Band OFDM Alliance (MBOA) giving up as using their technology as the basis for UWB.

Intel obviously have a vested interest in people using their technology, but they potentially may just be causing delays in what promises to revolutionise how devices "talk" to each other.
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