Digit news - NuVJ video controller introduced

Digit news - NuVJ video controller introduced

ArKaos and Numark have teamed up to produce a VJ console that works woth both PCs and Macs. It utilises the video card in the host computer to do the video processing so with newer cards allows for high resolution real-time effects.

It comes with various videos, stills and graphics and can sync to an external audio source or an internal beats per minute generator.

The unit has two banks of nine trigger pads for video and two wheels to manage scratch, effect and speed control and is MIDI compliant.

Could be a fun unit.

The Numark iPod DJ mixer looks nice too, though it's limited by the iPod's capabilties (and what Apple allow through the dock connector) so can only really mix tracks without allowing speed control or other advanced features that DJ's like.
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