Ofcom Website | Notices to applicants and bidders

Ofcom Website | Notices to applicants and bidders:

Ofcom has provisionally awarded wireless telegraphy licences for use of the frequencies 1781.7-1785MHz paired with 1876.7-1880MHz to the companies listed below, subject to full licence fees being received by Ofcom by 17:30 on Friday 28 April 2006.


1 British Telecommunications PLC

2 Cable & Wireless UK ( England )

3 COLT Mobile Telecommunications Ltd

4 Cyberpress Ltd

5 FMS Solutions Ltd

6 Mapesbury Communications Ltd

7 O2 ( UK ) Ltd

8 Opal Telecom Ltd

9 PLDT ( UK ) Ltd

10 Shyam Telecom UK Ltd

11 Spring Mobil AB

12 Teleware PLC

Though not quite definitive as licensees could still pull out (losing their deposit) or not make final payments the list is pretty much who'll get licenses now.

Various telcos (BT, C&W, Colt and more than likely Carphone Warehouse) have said they'll use the license to offer in-office GSM services to companies. BT will use it in a similar way to their Fusion service.

This is the first of several spectrum auctions that Ofcom is intending to offer.
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