Apple release new MacBook

Apple have released a new MacBook based on the Intel Core Duo processor. It's somewhere between the old iBook and Powerbook being cased in shiny white or black polycarbonate plastic.

It's got a 13 inch widescreen display and is under an inch thick, so it should be perfect for playing DVD's on long journeys instead of doing some work.

The white model starts with a 1.8GHz CPU and 512MB of RAM (expandable up to 2GB) and a 60GB disk. It has USB 2 and Firewire 400 and Gigabit Ethernet. Apple have dropped the internal modem (at last) and opted for that as an extra. 802.11g and Bluetooth (EDR) as also included.

There is a 2GHz CPU option and up to a 120GB disk.

The black model comes with the 2.0GHz CPU and a 80GB disk, though a bloack model is still more expensive than an equivalently specified white version, so black plastic comes at a price.

It's a shame there's isn't a 13" MacBook Pro.
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