Legalising the use of low power FM transmitters for MP3 players

Ofcom is proposing to license excempt lower power FM transmitters for use with MP3 and other audio devices.

This is a complete turn-around as previously this has been a completely no go area. Maybe it's got something to do with there now being a European standard for such devices, which means the EU support them as a whole.

Ofcom are also proposing to make CB radio license excempt and also support Community Audio Distribution systems. They will also make the 169.4 -169.8125 MHz band available for lower power transmissions such as hearing aids, alarms and tracking systems.

This all comes under the Wireless Telegraphy Exemption Regulations 2003, which attempts to maximise the use of the congested spectrum.

The consultation finishes on 22nd Sept 2006 and Ofcom hope to make is all possible in December.
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