Internet in the air for free

Flying to the US (west coast) is normally not an exciting experience, though you do get to watch lots of movies you wouldn't normally.

SAS have Boeing's Connexion service which is WiFi in the plane and then some mysterious connection to the rest of the net (assume satellite). Normally this incurs a charge, but as they are shutting the service down they're giving it away. You still have to register as though you're signing up for the full service, but it costs 0.0 per hour (billing records in case you do something dubious).

The seat also had power, so the laptop got a full charge.

Download speeds of 70KB/s were pretty good and a Mac Office upgrade (50MB) didn't take too long at all. Round trip times were around 600ms. Most applications seemed to work, including MSN and Skype.

The best part of the journey was lending my Apple Powerbook to the nice lady sitting next to me, who happened to work for Microsoft, she could read her Email and let her husband know what time to pick her up. The HP laptop running XP couldn't find a wireless network.
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