Apple predictions for MacWorld 2007

Apple are very secret about future products, however some things are known.

* There's the iTV (codeword, not product name) system - which looks like an embedded iTunes player with various media interfaces.

* There's going to be some kind of phone/music player. I'd guess it'll be announced at MacWorld.

* Leopard, though not likely to be available until later in the year.

Then there's guessing.

* MacPro with Intel Quad cores making them extremely fast machines (as if they weren't already), also for the Xserve.

* Maybe (really hopefully) a 12 or 13" MacBook Pro. The only thing that lets down a MacBook is the graphics. It would be really useful to have a 12" MacBook for portability, but with the graphics power of the Pros.

* Video iPod with a touch screen, again maybe later in the year.

Only time will tell.
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