i-Mate JASJAR / O2 Exec

I've been having horrid problems with an O2 Exec (kept running out of memory).

The O2 MyXDA site doesn't seem to want to recognise the Exec exists anymore. Luckily I "found" a later version of the ROM for the JASJAR and with some other software that hacked it to make it non country specific, it installed nicely.

Seems to run much better, also installed Windows Live Messenger.

There's a copy of Windows CE 6 (crossbow) flying around which is meant to add further improvements, though MS haven't officially released it.

Anyway it seems much happier now.

Though I'm seriously tempted to go use a Mac rather than PC. There's even sync software for it and with Plaxo having a Mac client (only for contacts at the moment) it's almost possible to move completely away from Outlook.
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