Conditions regulating Sexual Entertainment Services

Ofcom statement

Ofcom has published a statement that will force all operators of sexual entertainment services (SES) to move from 08 numbers to a new 098 number range.

Currently there are also SES running on 0908 and 0909. Existing services can remain on those numbers, though the numbering of the range will facilitate migrating to the new numer range. No new SES will be allocated on 0908 and 0909.

All premium rate services (PRS) are regulated by ICSTIS and therefore 098 services will be covered by them (currently not all 08 services are covered). Though the ICSTIS regulations come into force imediately, SES migrating from 08 numbers will be given 4 weeks to comply (to ensure they have time to complete the registration process).

This should make it clearer for consumers that they are using a PRS service and there's a standard complaints procedure for misuse.
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