PNY launches Quadro FX 4600 for 3D pros

Digit Online

PNY had released the Quadro FX4600 which is an upgraded version of the FX 4500. It has 128 parallel 1.35GHz cores and 768MB of RAM a core clock speed of 500MHz and memory speed of 600MHz and the memory interface is not 384-bit.

The chip supports Vista's DirectX 10 graphics system. It also supports CUDA, nVidia's computing platform (where the GPU can be used for computational tasks, that may not be graphics related).

Frame and gen-lock are available through a daughter card (the Quadro G-Sync board). There's also a version of the card supporting 12-bit HD SDI (the Quadro 6400SDI).

Hopefully Apple will adopt this chipset as their high-end offering for the MacPro which currently uses a Quadro 4500.
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