UK Broadband application for licence variation | Ofcom

UK Broadband application for licence variation | Ofcom

UK Broadband has applied to Ofcom to modify their 3.5GHz license to allow them

* technology and application neutrality.

* to increase the permitted power limits.

The first would put them in-line with existing policy which has come about since the Communications Act came into force, and Ofcom would like to move forward with this. What this really means is that UK Broadband can offer mobile WiMAX services as the existing license is only for FWA (fixed wireless access) services.

Ofcom would also like to allow UK Broadband to increase the power limits on fixed sites to +29 dBW/MHz and -5 dBW/MHz for mobile stations.

Whether UK Broadband has the resources necessary to roll-out a national network is debatable, however having the ability to offer fixed and mobile WiMAX services will increase the value of their license substationaly.

BT have indicated they are looking to purchase spectrum (2.5GHz when Ofcom hold an auction), but if it's cheaper to buy an existing network that's a commercially sensible route.
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