EETimes.com - Startup claims Gbit version of Wi-Fi

EETimes.com - Startup claims Gbit version of Wi-Fi:

Quantenna Communications has anounced a chipset capable of delivering 1Gb/s using modified 802.11n protocols. They use up to 8 aerials in a MIMO configuration to steer the beams up to 50m and through walls.

The system used both 2.4 and 5GHz.

The chipset is also small (2.5 x 2 inches) so it can be incorporated into consumer devices.

The chip consumes 10W and should cost around $20 when available next year.

If the technology really works and becomes readily available, it would allow for the distribution of HD video through the home and compete with systems based on 60GHz (which don't penetrate anything - including air for any distances).
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