Managing the spectrum above 275 GHz | Ofcom

Managing the spectrum above 275 GHz | Ofcom: "275-3000 GHz"

Ofcom is going to make spectrum in the 275-3000 GHz band license exempt, however not all the band is being released as there are already a few licensed users there such as user in the scientific community (radio-astronomy, space research and earth exploration satellite services). The band is also used for short range anti-collision radar devices and detection of skin cancer.

The band is highly attenuated in air (oxygen and water molecules) and usually highly directional aerials are used, so risk of interference is very low.

The band will not be released until after the 2011 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-11) where international policy is made and it would be premature for Ofcom to release the spectrum before the conference.

This band can be used for low power short range high bandwidth services (i.e. for in-building wireless connectivity).

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