Digital dividend: 600 MHz band and geographic interleaved spectrum | Ofcom

Digital dividend: 600 MHz band and geographic interleaved spectrum | Ofcom

Ofcom is consulting on the 600MHz band which will become free as part of the UK's Digital Dividend as analogue TV is switched off in 2012.

This consultation aims to:

* update stakeholders on spectrum availability, how developments have changed this and how technical considerations may affect spectrum use.

* seek stakeholders' input on potential uses of the spectrum and on their level of interest in acquiring it. This information will help us develop proposals on how best to make the spectrum available.

Ofcom originally published what it was going to do in 2008, but the market has changed since then and other European countries have decided to refactor the upper end of the 800MHz band and this has knock-on effects for the lower half of the 600MHz band (some paring was to take place).

There's potentially many uses for the spectrum which include Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) and mobile broadband as well as mobile multimedia services (MMS e.g. mobile television), program making and special events (PMSE), broadband wireless access (BWA) and communications for the emergency services.

Ofcom expect to publish proposals for further consultation when they are more certain about what spectrum will be available for award.

Though Ofcom has some autonomy on these matter, unfortunately radio signals do not honour national boundaries and thus they have to act in a manner that is friendly to the UK's neighbours.

The consultation closes on 28/04/2010
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