Cisco beef's up the Internet (or mobile)

Cisco have released their CRS-3 core router which supports 100Gb/s interfaces and can handle 322Tb/s through the router itself.

The router has been trialed by AT&T who used it for a link between New Orleans and Miami, but it's expected to install more units to beef up capacity to cope with HSPA 7.2 and in future LTE - it may also be a defensive measure against the growing data usage from devices such as iPhones (AT&T now carries 19 petabytes across its network every day).

The CRS-3 has 10 times the capacity as its nearest rival. This may seem an overkill but with service such as YouTube and new HD IPTV services the core bandwidth is always going to increase.

To put the capacity of the router in context, every single person on China could make a video call through the CRS-3 or you could download the Library of Congress in under a second, that's a lot of bandwidth. Though the price isn't for everyone, they start at $90,000.
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