Who wants to broadcast at the London Olympics

Ofcom is published a document on broadcasting at the London Olympics in 2012 and is inviting interested parties to apply.

It is expected that applicants will want short-term licenses for the duration of the London Olympics and Paralympics Games, which could be used for sports coverage in various languages etc.
A 'preliminary expression of interest' should include the following information:

* the name of your organisation
* the type of service(s) you would like to provide (sports coverage / cultural programming / tourist information / foreign language etc.)
* the number of programme services you would like to provide and the total data capacity you expect to use in order to provide these
* the location of the service(s) you would like to operate (i.e. the geographical area you wish to cover)
* the type of digital technology you would propose to use (DAB etc)
* the number and approximate locations of transmitters you expect would be required to deliver * the proposed service multiplex
* the duration that such a service or services would operate for
* a brief outline of your proposed business model
* your contact details

As the analogue bands are pretty much already in use (there is some medium wave spectrum available) it looks like licensees will need to be on a digital mutliplex so pretty well rules out your local pirate radio station then.

Applicants can apply to Radio2012
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