iPad WiFi issues (techie)

The iPad seems to have a few issues with WiFi which have been documented by Princeton University.

Having observed the iPad it seems the problem is more like: -

* Select WiFi network
* iPad joins network and does a DHCP request
* iPad caches DHCP info

You then switch off or do something else, then turn on iPad again.

* iPad re-joins WiFi network
* iPad renews IP data from cached info (which may now be stale)
* Hitting renew (under DHCP) just reloads cached info

If the iPad detects a duplicate IP address (as it's been allocated to another system) it shuts WiFi interface down, unfortunately bringing it up again just reloads stale IP info.

If the network info is cleared, then the iPad should renew it's DHCP info, but all the WiFi parameters will need to be entered again.

Please Apple fix in a 3.3 release.
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