Ofcom offering a new digital channel

Ofcom is making available a 5th HD channel on the HD Digital Terrestrial TV multiplex. The existing 4 HD channels are BBC HD, BBC One HD, ITV1 HD and Channel4 HD (4HD). The HD multiplex uses MPEG-4 (compared to normal standard definition TV which is based on MPEG-2) and uses the DVB-T2 transmission standard (normal SD transmissions use DVB-T). Applications cost £15,000 payable to Ofcom (which is non-refundable whether the license is granted or not). There are also license conditions so only the following may apply for a license" -
    the holder of a licence to provide a Channel 3 service. Channel Four Corporation. the holder of a licence to provide Channel 5. the Welsh Authority. the public teletext provider.
Applicants may apply here
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