EU limits data and roaming charges

The EU is putting into effect changes to limit the amount operators can charge for datum calls sent and received and text messages (SMS). The new caps come into force on 1st July 2012 and replace any existing regulations that expire on 30th June 2012.
Current1 July 20121 July 20131 July 2014
Data (per MB)Uncapped70 cents45 cents20 cents
Phone calls made (per minute)35 cents29 cents24 cents19 cents
Phone calls received (per minute)11 cents8 cents7 cents5 cents
Text Message (per SMS)11 cents9 cents8 cents6 cents

Operator wholesale charges will be

Current1 July 20121 July 20131 July 2014
Data (per megabyte)50 cents25 cents15 cents5 cents
Phone calls (per minute)18 cents14 cents10 cents5 cents
Text Message (per SMS)4 cents3 cents2 cents2 cents
So operators will still make large profits as data and message volumes are still on the increase, they just get less per unit.
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