OneTel cuts off BT broadband - Network IT Week

OneTel cuts off BT broadband - Network IT Week

The article implies OneTel is transferring all its broadband customers on to Easynet's LLU offering. Unfortunately this is wishfull thinking as Easynet only cover about 2 - 300 exchanges (while BT cover several thousand). So OneTel will be migrating those customers that happen to be on an Easynet unbundled exchange.

It wont be plain sailing either as mass migrations are currently problematic as there are still major process issues with BT's systems.

Easynet are trying to make a big push into the wholesale broadband market, but there are still major hurdles to overcome. OneTel must be feeling quite brave to have been one of their first customers to take the plunge.

Easynet are currently offering speeds up to 8Mb/s, however their kit is (vendor financed by Marconi) is relatively featureless compared to other vendors and this may bite them in the future if service providers wish to offer triple-play solutions utilising Easynet's infrastructure.

Though Easynet may be looking at ADSL2+ support speeds of up to 24Mb/s, it's not quite legal yet as the Access Network Frequency Plan (ANFP) needs to be modified to support it.
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