BT OSS Separation | Ofcom

BT OSS Separation | Ofcom

As part of BT's agreement with Ofcom (when BT Openreach was set-up) they have to seperate their OSS (operational support systems) so Openreach have completely seperate systems. Ofcom are proposing an ammendment to Section 5 (separation of systems shared between Openreach and the rest of BT) of the Enterprise Act Undertakings given by BT to Ofcom.

BT have to: -

* Physically separate Openreach OSS from the rest of BT by 30th June 2010

* Design all new Openreach systems to be separate from the rest of BT

* In the interim, until full physical separation is achieved, deliver a logically separate OSS capability for certain product groups according to binding milestones

* Review regularly with Ofcom a roadmap for achieving physical separation

Ofcom have also set-out interim measures for milestones up to the 2010 completion.

The consultation closes on 11/05/2007.
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