Variation of UK Broadband Limited Wireless TelegraphyAct Licences

Last week Ofcom agreed to merge UK Broadband's 3 seperate 3.4GHz licenses into 1 national license. UK Broadband is owned by PCCW the Hong Kong company.

UK Broadband won 13 of the 15 regional 3.4GHz licenses, then acquired the other 2 and now these seperate licenses (which all the the same conditions etc, apart from region) will become a single license.

UK Broadband have also asked for the licenses to become technology neutral (as per Ofcom recent policy in-line with EU policy) and to change the conditions (which is likely to be to allow mobile/nomadic use - currently the license only allows fixed links).

Having a national license in the middle of the usable WiMAX spectrum range is a very valuable commodity, though PCCW may not have the resource to roll-out a national service (backhaul is extremely expensive), but as a single national license they could sell it on to another operator (like BT) who want to roll out mobility solutions (and high speed broadband to rural areas).
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