Euro Tech News now Speech enabled

This blog has now been speech enabled using the Talklets accessibility software-as-a-service from Textic Ltd.

Talklets comes in various flavours, the simplest being a toolbar which floats at the bottom of the browser - this involves installing 1 line of Javascript code on every web page.

There are also more complicated versions, from a simple toolbox like the one on this site, to a toolbox which contains all the Talklets features.

Talklets allows sites to meet their Disability Discrimination legislation requirements for website owners as it is the onus of the website owner to make their site compliant without the user having to install any software or tools. Talklets also has other benefits for website owners as users tend to stay around longer while listening to text being read. E-Commerce sites also see revenue increases as users go through to purchase. The are indirect savings as well as users tend to use on-line help rather than go to call centres if the help is read to them.

As the system is SaaS any enhancements made to the server side are automatically made available to the website owner and their users.

There is a free 14 day trial of the software available from Textic's site.
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