Low power licence-exemption limits above 10GHz | Ofcom

Low power licence-exemption limits above 10GHz | Ofcom

Ofcom is proposing to increase the power limits of license-exempt systems above 10GHz.

Systems such as UWB (ultra wide band) can operate up to 10.6GHz on a license exempt basis, but they are limited in spectral mask. Power loss over distance increases as the frequency increases, so frequencies over 10GHz were not considered. Thus high power systems at high frequencies will have the same interference as low power system at low frequencies.

This new consultation proposes to increase the limits above 10GHz (on a non-interference non-protected basis) in-line with current spectral masks extrapolated at the higher frequencies.

This should allow new equipment to come on the market and very high transfer rates to be achieved.

The consultation closes on 31/10/08
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